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The ‘NEW REVOLUTION‘ in smoking! E-Cigs are a much cheaper and cleaner alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes.

E-Cigs or electronic cigarettes, give you the satisfying nicotine hit of smoking, without the odour or the need to stand out in the cold. They make it easier to quit traditional cigarettes, instantly removing you from the health hazards associated with smoking. Once you have quit, you can either cut out nicotine completely or choose to keep using your e-cigs as a tasty alternative?

Our electronic cigarettes use cutting edge technology to give you a satisfying ‘vaping’ experience. Instead of smoke, electronic cigarettes produce a clean and odourless vapour. They combine innovative components with the simple satisfaction of holding a cigarette in your hand. We have a great choice of electronic cigarettes that you can customise to suit your needs, including great value E-cigs Starter Kits that make it easy for anyone to get started.

 Premier E-Cigs is based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.


Premier E-Cigs are proudly supporting the European Free Vaping Initiative.

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