Vampire Vape Flavour Concentrates 30ml



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Choose from a great range of flavour concentrates which are developed, manufactured & bottled by flavour warehouse right here in the UK. All of these concentrates are PG based and are for personal use only.

Available Flavours:

Attraction – This is one good-looking mix that with a flirtatious combination of red berries and dark fruits with a chilling menthol kick.

Banoffee pie – The sweetness of the fruit and toffee bonding brilliantly which is complimented with a warm biscuit base.  (ON SALE)

Bat juice – Juicy berries that are beautifully enhanced with subtle aniseed twist

Black Ice – A refreshing blend with strong aniseed flavours that are further enhanced by the sharp menthol kick.

Blackjack – This is one enjoyable nostalgic flavour featuring strong aniseed tastes that perfectly mimic the beloved Black Jack chews.

Blood Sukka – Cherries, berries and red fruits with sweet eucalyptus, all of which is enhanced by an underlying aniseed and menthol kick.

Bubblegum –  A flavoursome juice is exploding with a strong fruity bubblegum flavour without losing the sweet taste no matter how much you vape.

Cool Blue Slush – This is a classic summer vape with vibrant flavours that echo around the palate leaving a delicious mix of ripe fruits behind.

Cool Red Slush – This red slushy inspired mix certainly gives a flavoursome and rejuvenating vape.

Dusk – Fruity, fizzy and fabulous is the only way to describe Dusk! This popular juice incorporates the fruitiness of pink lemonade (ON SALE)

Heisenberg – Fruity e-liquid with a sure-fire minty kick.

Pear Drops – Hard-boiled sweets, mimicking the sugary banana and pear flavours with a slightly sour undertone.

Pinkman – A unique fruit mixture that will make your taste buds erupt with joy.

Rhubarb and Custard – Sweet custard infused with sharp rhubarb flavours.

Strawberry – It’s a moreish flavour that captures the luscious strawberry fruit.

Strawberry Kiwi – tart kiwi flavours work in harmony with the ripened and juicy strawberry flavour. (ON SALE)

Red Lips – This fantastic mix perfectly captures the gummy red lips sweets offering a vibrant sugared cherry with heightened bursts of fruit flavours. (ON SALE)

Sherbet Lemon – A sharp sherbet flavour combined with a tangy lemon leaving a refreshing taste.

Tropical Island – The sweetness of the mango is delightfully transformed by the tart and juicy flavours of the pineapple (ON SALE)

Vamp toes – This divine retro mix is both fruity and delicious without the slightest hint of a vampire’s toe! (ON SALE)


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