Remember that batteries & refill cartridges are recyclable consumables, so always dispose of them in the correct manor. Batteries are designed in many ranges of styles and colours. Feel free to check our customer feedback to learn more about their experiences.

All our products are covered with a 30 DAY WARRANTY to offer piece of mind. The warranty will cover any component which does not fulfill their expected lifespan. Click below to customise or buy a replacement battery…

NOTE: Under no circumstances should you use an ipad or smart phone wall charger with a usb lead to charge ‘EGO’ batteries.

We sell the correct wall charger for this purpose on our accessories page. For added safety & on recommendation by ‘trading standards’ we now sell ‘Lipo Safety bags’, these can be found on our accessories page. As one of the leading companies within our field, we fully recommend that all E-Cigs are charged within the ‘Lipo Safety Bag’.

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