Vape Kits For Beginners

Are you new to vaping? Making the switch can be scary sometimes, with all the different kind of vape kits available on the market, which do you choose?.

Not to worry! Choose any one of the vape kits for beginners on this page and it is as simple as filling it up with the flavour of your choice and away you go.

A couple of things you should know:

Box mods – These vape devices are called box mods simply because they are box like in shape, they range in all sizes from low to high power, these are the kind of e cigs that produce the big clouds of vapour.

Pod systems – Pod devices are electronic cigarettes that are usually small and compact with the odd exception. One of the main things you should know about these e cigs is that there are 2 kinds of pod devices;

1, The open pod system which can be refilled with a bottle of e liquid, you just buy a new refillable pod when the old one tastes funny or simply stops working.

2, The closed pod system, these use disposable pods that have to be replaced they come ready filled with e liquid and are a lot more convenient to use, but this kind of vaping can get more costly.

Tube mods – These mods are tube shaped in appearance, they also range from big to small usually with the capability of changing the tank to another kind, if it looks like a tube mod, but is called an AIO which is short for all in one, this usually means that the tank cannot be changed as the device is all built into one.

Mouth to lung (MTL) – Refers to a style of vaping where you vape the same as you draw on a cigarette, you draw on the device and then take it back to the lungs this is where you want to be if you are quitting smoking.

Direct to lung (DTL) – This is where you take the vapour straight back to the lung these devices are usually used by more advanced vapers, that like a lot of cloud and flavour from their vape, they also use a lot of e liquid and can become very costly.

When Choosing from our vape kits for beginners page, please keep in mind that choosing the right e cig can make all the difference from a successful transition to a not so successful one. We recommend choosing something that suits your personality and style, feel free to ask for advice anytime, you can contact us at  We are always happy to help.