The Tobacco Product Directive (TPD)


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The 'Tobacco Product Directive' comes into force on the 20/05/2017 and will affect everyone who vapes across the EU.


All e-liquids will be bottled in 10ml bottles only. That means 30ml, 60ml and 100ml bottles will be gone for good.

Maximum cartridge or tank fill will be 2ml only. This may not be an issue, however for advanced vapers it’s a little more complicated and may force a period of rapid production redesign ?

All e-liquid will now have to be below 20mg (2%) per bottle. Premier E-Cigs will be keeping that to a maximum 18mg (or 1.8%) and think this directive will only affect a minority.

All bottles will also have a maximum drops per minute target. All the liquids from companies that Premier E-Cigs stock will comply.

All products sold beyond May the 20th 2017 will require a product submission to the MHRA in able to allow for sales throughout the EU.