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LIK Salt


LIK Salt | 30ml Packs | 3 x 10ml


LIK Salt is a salt based nicotine E-Liquid, that captures the natural salts found in the tobacco leaf. The natural salts produce a smooth vape without any harsh throat hit. This also allows the nicotine to be absorbed quicker in to the body give you the natural rush as experienced through a smoked cigarette. It comes as a 30ml Pack, 3 x 10ml Bottles.

LIK Salt Flavours:

  • Drip Dab: Will bring on the nostalgia, combining a sweet lollipop flavour mixed with lemon sherbet. Yes that’s right, just like the classic sweets we used to buy from the corner shop.
  • Jelly Berry: Is flavour is predominantly strawberry jelly mixed in with a healthy serving of wild forrest berries. The flavours mixed in this juice create a delicious sweet vape that makes you want to go back for more… and more…. and more.
  • Raspberry Dripple: Is a deliciously creamy vanilla ice cream only improved with copious amounts of Raspberry Sauce creating an amazing blend of sweet and cream.