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Element NS20 10ml Liquids

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Element NS20 | 10ml | 65% VG+


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Element NS20 are a collection of salt nicotine e-liquids, featuring classic flavours from popular element ranges including Classic, Tobacconist and FAR.

This allows users to consume a higher nicotine concentration without the harsh throat hit. Delivering a higher nicotine concentration gives more of a resemblance to using a traditional cigarette and is designed for those looking to switch from smoking to vaping.

Element NS20 Flavours:

  • 555 Tobacco: a rich and layered robust blend. A dark tobacco flavour makes up the base of this mix. A combination of caramel, vanilla, hazelnuts and walnuts creates a sweet and smooth exhale.
  • Chocolate Tobacco: a blend of sweet and dark notes. The tobacco flavour on inhale has a rich and woody taste, softened on exhale by milk chocolate with sugary undertones and a smooth finish.
  • Honey Roasted Tobacco: a sweet and layered blend. A rich tobacco flavour comes through first with honey notes, complemented by vanilla, caramel and nuts for a smooth, balanced finish.
  • Far Candy Punch: a sugary, candy blend. A juicy mixed fruit flavour hits you from your first vape, with an overall light taste. The rainbow candy on exhale has intensely sweet notes for a real kick.
  • Far Grape Vape: a sharp combination of sweet and sour notes. When vaped there is a dark and rich berry taste combined with a juicy grape flavour. To finish, lighter notes of red grape and a candy exhale are present for a layered vape.
  • Far Neon Green Slush: a citrus blend with a frosty bite. A zesty lime taste hits you from the first vape, for an overall fresh-tasting flavour. The coolness of crushed ice on exhale wraps things up for a balanced, refined vape.
  • Crema: a light and smooth mix with a sweet twist. A layered dairy cream flavour features on inhale and exhale with rich notes. For those of you looking for an all day vape, look no further.
  • Fresh Squeezed: a wave of citrus, fruity flavours from the off. A ripe-tasting orange taste is present throughout, with an added sweetness for a smooth yet balanced vape.
  • Frost: a sharp mentholflavour with a kick. This blend is both sweet and cool with layers of mint and ice combined for an altogether fresh-tasting vape experience.
  • Keylime Cookie: a unique pastry flavour with a sugary cookie mix. A zesty lime transitions into a sweet, buttery biscuit before a citrus kick finishes things off for a balanced yet layered vape.
  • Pink Lemonade: a zesty citrus flavour with a hint of red fruit. This blend is both zingy and sweet; strong lemonade notes with undertones of juicy berries for a layered yet balanced vape.
  • Strawberry Whip: a dessert based blend with a juicy twist and rich undertones. On inhale, a ripe-tasting strawberry flavour hits you before a heavy cream exhale finishes things off.
  • Watermalon Chill: a balanced blend of fresh-tasting fruit with an ice-cool kick. The subtle yet tangy watermelon notes are layered with a crisp mint exhale for a unique, layered vape.
  • Fusions Pink Grapefruit & Blueberry: an intense fruity taste with a bittersweet undertone. The distinct pink grapefruit flavour is blended with the sour yet juicy notes of blueberry for a fresh-tasting, balanced vape.

1 review for Element NS20 10ml Liquids

  1. Dave


    Again, smooth on the throat hit and quick on the nic’ hit, these classics are improved greatly for MTL devices than the original 50/50’s… 5 stars from me.

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