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Dr Salt E-Liquid (3 X 10ml) Pack


Dr Salt – E-Liquid – 3 x 10ml Bottles


Dr Salt E-Liquids are a salt-base nicotine E-Liquid  that captures the natural salts found in tobacco leaves to produce a smooth vape without any harsh throat hit.This allows the nicotine to be absorbed quicker into the body to give the user a more natural rush, similar to that experienced through a traditional cigarette.

Dr Salt Flavours:

  • Blue Ice – Blue raspberries & mint
  • Menthol – Full crispy refreshing menthol flavour
  • Olympic Dream – Blueberries & pomegranate
  • Red Devil – Cherries and menthol
  • Straw High – Classic strawberries & cream
  • Tobacco – Classic tobacco flavour
  • Twisted – Pineapple ice cream, with Strawberry and Lemon Ice and a hint of lemon and lime
  • Wham Star – Sweet raspberries


Note: It is very important to take care when using Nic Salt E-Liquid, as due to the smoother nature of the hit, along with high nicotine strengths, it can be easy for users to overdo it.


Blue Ice, Menthol, Olympic Dream, Red Devil, Straw High, Tobacco, Twisted, Wham Star


5mg, 12,5mg, 20mg