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The Aspire K1 Plus is a 16mm atomizer with a capacity of 1.9 ml and has all the technical features necessary to be regularly marketed in the European market. It represents the evolution of the Aspire house bestseller. Both the top filling system and the bottom-up spare part have been tested and certified as child-proof.

Child Proof Filling:

As with most modern tanks, the K1 Plus comes with an easy-to-use top fill function. To fill, push the drip tip down and turn anti-clockwise. Push the tip of your e-liquid bottle into the self sealing fill port and drip your e-liquid in. Then simply remove your e-liquid bottle and replace the drip tip.

Coil Change:

When the flavour you get from the tank starts to degrade, you will need to replace the coils. To do so, turn the tank upside down, and in one movement push and turn the base of the tank anti-clockwise. Unscrew the coil off the base of the tank and replace with a new coil before screwing back onto the base of the tank.

K1 Plus Compatibility:

The K1 Plus tank is compatible with vape devices which have a 510 connection. While admittedly that’s most vape devices, the high resistance of the coils means it’s ideal for lower powered vape batteries.

Compatible with the following coils: K1 Nichrome, Aspire BVC and BDC, Aspire Spryte.

The K1 Plus tank does come with a non-standard drip tip, which can’t be interchanged with other drip tips.

K1 Plus Specifications:

  • • Diameter 16mm
  • • Capacity: 1.9 ml
  • • Compatibility with Aspire BVC & BDC Coils (1.6 ohm & 1.8ohm) and Aspire Spryte Coil (1.2ohm Nic Salt)
  • • Top Fill
  • • Air regulation
  • • Length (Drip tip included): 59mm
  • • Easy Coil removal and replacement (without the need to empty your tank)


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