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50 amp 18650 battery


The brand new 50 amp max discharge 18650 by efan is great for mech mods and regulated mods with a continious discharge of 30amp

this battery is a top performance high drain 18650 and in my opinion 1 of the best i have used in both mech mods and regulated mods

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Nominal Specification
Weight: 55g/pc

ItemCondition / NoteSpecification
CapacityStd. charge / discharge2700mAh
Nominal VoltageAverage of Std. Discharge3.70V
Standard ChargeConstant current1550mA
Constant voltage4.20V
End current(Cut off)50mA
Fast ChargeConstant current4000mA
Constant voltage4.20V± 0.05V
End current(Cut off)100mA
Max. Charge Voltage4.20V
Max. Charge Current4000mA
Standard DischargeConstant current500mA
Fast Discharge
End voltage(Cut off)2.5V
Max. Discharge Current31A
Max discharge50A
WeightApprox.Max. 48.0G
Operating TemperatureCharge0 ~ 50°C
Discharge-20~ 60°C
Storage Temperature1 month-20 ~ 60°C
3 months-20 ~45°C
1 year-20 ~ 20°C
Dimension(D)18.2 + 0.2/-0.3 mm
(H) 65.15 ± 0.2 mm

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