50 amp 18650 battery


The brand new 50 amp max discharge 18650 by efan is great for mech mods and regulated mods with a continious discharge of 30amp

this battery is a top performance high drain 18650 and in my opinion 1 of the best i have used in both mech mods and regulated mods


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Nominal Specification
Weight: 55g/pc

Item Condition / Note Specification
Capacity Std. charge / discharge 2700mAh
Nominal Voltage Average of Std. Discharge 3.70V
Standard Charge Constant current 1550mA
Constant voltage 4.20V
End current(Cut off) 50mA
Fast Charge Constant current 4000mA
Constant voltage 4.20V± 0.05V
End current(Cut off) 100mA
Max. Charge Voltage 4.20V
Max. Charge Current 4000mA
Standard Discharge Constant current 500mA
Fast Discharge
End voltage(Cut off) 2.5V
Max. Discharge Current 31A
Max discharge 50A
Weight Approx. Max. 48.0G
Operating Temperature Charge 0 ~ 50°C
Discharge -20~ 60°C
Storage Temperature 1 month -20 ~ 60°C
3 months -20 ~45°C
1 year -20 ~ 20°C
Dimension (D)18.2 + 0.2/-0.3 mm
(H) 65.15 ± 0.2 mm

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